Membership Information and Application


CCSME’s membership base includes individuals and organizations working together to integrate services for people with mental health, substance use, and other conditions. These co-occurring conditions may include physical problems, trauma histories, criminal justice involvement, and other complexities.


Why Join CCSME?

As a promoter of quality, CCSME disseminates training and provides technical assistance for evidence-based practices, and consensus practice models for integrated treatment, recovery, and prevention. We encourage professional development and maximize collaboration among individuals and organizations who serve people affected by complex behavioral health issues.

Annual membership dues provide several key benefits relating to training, collaboration, and networking. We welcome everyone interested in supporting our mission to become members.


Membership Requirements

Membership is open to all individuals — including treatment providers, students, peers, family members, and educators — and both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. All applications will be reviewed and voted on by the CCSME Board of Directors prior to approval.


  • A membership application must be completed in full and submitted to CCSME
  • The individual or organization must be in good standing in the community
  • Organizations must designate one person as the primary point of contact for their memberships
  • Students must be currently enrolled in a full-time program and able to present a valid student ID
  • A signature is required — for organizations, the signer must be an authorized signatory


Benefits Include:

  • Discounted training programs
  • Free access to static online courses
  • Annual meeting showcasing collaborative and member activities
  • Guidance and support for best practices
  • Networking opportunities
  • and more!