Extending the Conversation: Creating Positive Culture in the Workplace


Watch our most recent webinar — presented on March 17, 2017, as a follow-up to the September 2016 forum on "The Future of Maine’s Behavioral Health Workforce: Recruitment and Retention in a Climate of Changing Roles, Qualifications and Opportunities."



 Abigail Levrini - ADHD Treatment


This video of Abigail Levrini on ADHD Treatment, was filmed a CCSME conference in July of 2014.



Putting Recovery into Practice


This video of Ken Thompson, MD, "Putting Recovery Into Practice," was filmed at the Acadia Hospital, Multidisciplinary Psychiatric Grand Rounds, on January 13, 2012.



Recovery Perspectives: A Conversation Between People in Recovery and Service Providers


In this compelling presentation, people with lived experience of recovery from co-occurring disorders discuss among themselves, and then with service providers, the issues of most concern to them when they ask for help. They discuss their views on their conditions, their recovery, and experience with treatment. The centerpiece is the dialogue between people in recovery and providers.


Those in recovery who view this video will learn more about co-occurring conditions and what they can expect from their care providers. Service providers who view the video will gain a better understanding of the importance of relationship, equality, empowerment, and authenticity in their work.



Keynote Address: The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study: Trauma as a Public Health Crisis and Implications for Human Services 


This video is of a keynote address by Ann Jennings, Ph.D., at the 3rd Annual Co-Occurring Disorders Institute: Complexities of Trauma Conference. The video was filmed on Thursday, June 9, 2011, at the University of Maine at Augusta. 


Dr. Jennings has been involved in raising public awareness and influencing fundamental change in how service systems view and treat people with histories of unaddressed childhood trauma for over 27 years. Personal experience underscores her conviction that prevention of and early intervention in childhood trauma are core to reducing human tragedy and creating compassionate and effective human services.


As Director of the State of Maine’s Office of Trauma Services for eight years, she initiated projects bringing trauma-informed trainings and services to numerous agencies throughout the state. She consults nationally, is a keynote speaker and presenter at national and state conferences, and has authored numerous published articles and documents. Dr. Jennings is founder and Executive Director of The Anna Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to speaking truth about childhood trauma and providing resources for professional, community, and survivor use. For more information, visit The Anna Institute.



Advancing the Dialogue: Medication and Mental Illness, A Conversation with Robert Whitaker, Author of Anatomy of an Epidemic.


In his book Anatomy of an Epidemic, Robert Whitaker investigates the astonishing rise in the number of people enrolled in government disability due to mental illness over the past 20 years (from 1.25 million in 1987 to more than 4 million today). In this presentation, the focus is on the research and the development of how psychiatric medications affect the long-term course of schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorders — based on a review of the scientific literature. Mr. Whitaker looks at the reasons there has been such a tremendous increase in the number of people diagnosed with psychiatric disorders and he briefly reviews the longer-term outcomes for children and youth. Additionally, he speaks about innovative programs in Europe producing good outcomes that might be models for reforming care in the United States.


This video was filmed at the University of New England's Portland campus on May 4, 2011.