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Photos from our 2015 Membership Meeting

Our 2015 Annual Meeting took place on November 17 at the USM Wishcamper Center in Portland. The day began with a show of appreciation to our member organizations through plaques presented by CCSME Board President Simonne Maline: Following the awards national speaker Ron Manderscheid, Ph.D., Executive Director of the National Association of County Behavioral Health […]

My Experience Is My Strength

Mike Blanchard is a Peer Services Innovator at Amistad, Inc. in Portland, Maine. He is an experienced mental health worker and is also engaged in his own recovery. Peer services innovation is part of a SAMHSA networking grant. Our approach when we wrote the grant was specifically to network with folks who are currently working […]

A Suicide Screening Tool for Everyone

Dr. Kelly Posner collaborated with a team of scientists to create the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS), a screening tool which a diverse range of communities in the United States have now adopted. She spoke at the Maine Suicide Prevention Program’s conference on March 21, 2013, “Taking Science into Practice: Beyond the Basics in […]

The Invisible Wounds of Combat PTSD

What challenges do soldiers face when they develop PTSD and traumatic brain injuries? On March 21, 2013, Hahna David Patterson, director of psychological health at the Maine National Guard, described combat PTSD to an audience of mental health professionals at the Maine Suicide Prevention Program’s annual conference, “Taking Science into Practice: Beyond the Basics in […]

Fixing My Mental and Physical Health

Jeff Irving, a former auto technician, is now starting a website called My Wellness Project. He plans to open a community center where people can teach one another self-care skills. He is also the president of Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance – Maine. He spoke with Kat Friedrich, CCSME’s social media and internet marketing consultant, […]

Motivating Recovery from Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems

How can people who are struggling with mental health and substance abuse difficulties build their motivation, curiosity, optimism, and visions for the future? Two researchers at University of Rochester, Richard Ryan and Edward Deci, have said meeting people’s needs for competence, autonomy and relatedness increases their motivation to change their lives positively. Their paper – “Self-Determination Theory and […]

Changing Substance Abuse Relapse Policies

Dr. David Mee-Lee, a leading expert in co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders, has recommended changing how substance abuse clinicians use the word “relapse.” He published the advice below in two issues of his newsletter, “Tips and Topics.” “The general public still largely views addiction as a self-inflicted problem,” Mee-Lee said. “There is less tolerance […]