Complexities of Trauma Conference Materials

CONFERENCE MATERIALS: Complexities of Trauma

Thursday, June 9, 2011

University of Maine at Augusta

: The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study: Trauma as a Public Health Crisis and Impliations for Human Services / Ann Jennings, PhD

Ann Jennings Keynote

ACES Chart and Study

Keynote Address Video


: Engaging Adversity / Steffanie Alexander, LCSW




A1. Implications of Brain Injury and Social Issues / Marcia Cooper, Network Coordinator, BIIN

Brain Injury and Social Issues

A2. Trauma and Disaster / Magdalena Linhardt, PhD

Trauma and Disaster

Triage Assessment Form

A3. Addiction and Trauma / John O'Brien, PhD

Addiction and Trauma

A4. Evidence-Based Treatment for Military-Related Traumas / Scott Hutcherson, LCPC, ACS

Military Related Traumas

B1. The Biology of Psychological Pain: A Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Approach to Services / Daniel Gaiser, LCSW

Biology of Psychological Pain

B2. Trauma Informed Treatment and the SAMSHA Research Project THRIVE / Douglas Patrick, LCSW, Sarah Goan, MPP, Brianne Masselli, THRIVE Counselor

Project THRIVE

B3. Who Can I Be Now? / Steffanie Alexander, LCSW

B4. Healing Collective Trauma Through Community / Marie Sheffield, MA, LCPC

Files not available

C1. Transformation: Creating a Life of Resilience / Kelly Staples

Transformation: Creating a Life of Resilience

C2. Children, Trauma and the Impact of Substance Abuse / Don Burke, MS Ed, Amy Stevenson, MS Ed

Children Trauma and Substance Abuse

C3. Understanding Trauma in the Criminal Justice Population  / Peter Wohl, MA, LADC, CCS

Trauma and Criminal Justice

C4. Coping, Cutting and Control: Listening to Voices of Youth and Their Advice to Professionals  / Pat McKenzie, LCSW

Coping Cutting and Control