Tools for Implementing SBIRT in Primary Care Practices

Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Resources for Primary Care Practices


CCSME as a consultant to Maine Quality Counts is offering training and support on implementing substance abuse screening and on SBIRT specifically. All Maine Health Home practices are required to implement substance abuse screening this year and although they are not  are not required to utilize the SBIRT approach specifically, but are encouraged to explore this model as a practical and evidence-based approach to addressing substance abuse screening and intervention in primary care.


What is SBIRT?

Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Specialty Treatment (SBIRT) is a clinical guideline for chronic disease management. SBIRT may be a recognizable construct in primary care as an approach providers use to address many conditions such as diabetes, COPD, and depression.  In this instance, the process of SBIRT is being applied to substance use.



SBIRT is helpful in identifying risk in a given population. SBIRT assists patients in the reduction of their risk when their relationship with substances (like drugs and alcohol) increases the likelihood of worsening their co-morbid conditions and/or increasing their cost of care. SBIRT is the global model for PCMH and HH initiatives.  In this regard, substance abuse screening, brief intervention and referral to specialty treatment is no different than the approach to clinical process and population health already being employed in primary care practices across Maine's PCMH Pilot.

The SBIRT Learning Collaborative was established as a 12-month collaborative for PCMH/HH practices interested in learning more about the SBIRT model and gaining training, coaching, and support on how to implement this model in their practice. Please contact CCSME for more information.



SBIRT Resources & To

SBIRT Learning Collaborative

SBIRT Toolkit (updated as of August 14, 2014)

Guidelines for using SBIRT

SBIRT Fact Sheet (DHHS, June 2014)

SBIRT Coding and Reimbursement Guide (updated as of August 14, 2014)

Video Vignette on initiating the SBIRT process in practice (July 2014)

Adult SBIRT Pocket Card

Adolescent SBIRT Pocket Card

Adolescent Substance Abuse Screening Tip Sheet for Parents (Opportunity Alliance, 2014)

Adolescent Substance Abuse Screening - The CRAFT Screening Interview

Alcohol Screening Questionnaire (AUDIT)

Drug Screening Questionnaire (DAST)

SBIRT 101 Online Training - Online course using video instruction and questions to facilitate implementation of SBIRT in primary care offices (August 2014)

SBIRT failure: 'S' works, 'BI' only for low-risk only, and 'RT' unknown (article in Alcohol & Drug Abuse Weekly, August 18, 2014)


To access a short list of SBIRT videos and websites as well as a link to the list of substance abuse organizations in Maine, click here. (updated as of September 2014)