Bio | Sara Hayes, FNP

Sara Hayes is a family nurse practitioner who has been working in various family planning clinics in Maine for over forty years. Her motto (that she is pretty sure she coined) is “there is a fine line between a rut and a groove.” She generally feels like she is still in her groove.

During her early career she did a brief stint in family practice with the US PHS then moved to the family planning world. There she started out as a clinician, was a clinical director, a program director, and is currently back to being a full-time clinician.

Back in 2010 and 2011 she became interested in transgender health care. After conducting research and becoming educated in trans care, she concluded, as someone always ready to learn more, she could become a provider of trans care. She saw her first transgender patient for hormone replacement therapy in 2012 and has not stopped since. And learn, she did and continues to do. In 2014 she expanded Maine Family Planning’s transgender program by training another NP and since then, two other NPs have been trained.

In the past year, Maine Family Planning did about 450 visits with about 250 transgender patients throughout the state.