Bio | Tamra Oman

Tamra Oman’s life has been all about never giving up. She is a living example of being persistent both personally and professionally. Tamra has utilized her own healing journey and her professional experience to develop trainings, presentations, and programs to broaden the understanding of how to assist others to engage, heal, and grow. Tamra Oman is a human services program coordinator (the first Peer Role in a correctional setting in Wisconsin) at the Wisconsin Resource Center; a mental health treatment facility classified as a prison and has been an AODA Counselor for the past 8 years. Her focus over the last 10 years has been working with clients in the criminal justice system with addiction and mental health challenges. She has created programming being used in correctional facilities and continues to seek ways to be of service. She is a co-founder of Voices Beyond Bars and the non-profit SISTER HOUSE. Ms. Oman brings a unique perspective based on her own experiences. She has spent the years since her own incarceration and release from prison developing relationships, seeking education, providing presentations, creating relevant programming, educating agencies, individuals, and systems about the journey of addiction and imprisonment. She has been an advocate for others who have been in and are in similar situations as her own.