Brenda Westberry, M.S.

Brenda Westberry, M.S. Brenda Westberry is President and founder of Westberry Consulting where she facilitates workshops, conferences and trainings on a national level for businesses, government and community agencies. Brenda is a retired Chief Probation Officer from the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch. She has over 30 years of experience in working with criminal justice offenders, treatment agencies, the addicted client population and recovery organizations. Brenda has extensive training in working with multiple validated risk assessments using evidence-based practices and was trained by members of J-SAT and the National Institute of Corrections in the instruction of Motivational Interviewing, coding, coaching and feedback. Brenda has been involved in multiple projects throughout the country working with correctional and community agencies with both adult and juvenile offenders. Brenda has researched and been trained on a variety of evidence-based offender assessments and has worked in the field with offenders’ who have been incarcerated and on community supervision for a multitude of offenses. Brenda is an adjunct professor in the Criminology, Sociology, Social Work, Anthropology and Applied Sciences Department at Eastern Connecticut State University and an Instructor for the ATTC-NE, at Brown University as well as a 9-year faculty member of the New England School of Addiction Studies and the New England School of Best Practices. Brenda holds a Master’s degree in Sociology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Justice and Law Administration.