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A) What are some of the strategies you would employ to initiate and facilitate a discussion about the distinction between self-disclosure as a boundary crossing or boundary violation in your treatment team meeting?
Having discussions about boundaries and ethics be a standard component of each team meeting/supervision so that it feels very natural to discuss these issues. Also, if team meetings are a safe place for all, then the discussion would be more open. These can be considered learning moments. I would also state that I am not an expert, that I am continuously learning as well as my team. Learning is lifelong and we don’t just learn these things and set them aside. Each day brings new teachings. I would ask if anyone wanted to share or we could use canned scenarios to discuss. I would also offer up some of my own dilemmas.
B) Which of the supervisor roles (consultant, advisor, guide, mentor, professional colleague, educator) fits with your values and supervisory style? Which of these stances would you take in the conversation with the team and why? I think guide and mentor are aligned with my values. If I am supervising I am a little more than a professional colleague or consultant and don’t feel like an educator by any means. A guide and mentor means to me that we walk the journey together with my experience and role being able to help facilitate growth.
Exercise 2
Describe 2–3 useful ideas and/or strategies about supervision and ethics that you have learned or been reminded of over the course of the past 5 weeks that you would like to bring back to your colleagues, supervisees, supervisor, administrators, etc. How do you envision integrating these ideas into your work?
Ive been reminded of the importance of discussing ethics and boundaries on a routine basis. I have already implemented a supervision note with topics as the header!!
Also, careful document of what happened in supervision being as important as writing our session notes with clients.
And last but not least, directly addressing issues of counter transference, even my own, and using these as more learning opportunities for growth.