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Elaine Kaneski

Question 1
After completing the Breath Counting Meditation, I noticed that I was immediately more relaxed, with full breaths instead of the usual short inhales that I catch myself doing throughout my workday. I am not new to meditation, so for me this was a nice refresher of a meditation style I have not practiced lately. When it comes to calming my mind, it worked and in my opinion, is a nice technique for those that are not as familiar or comfortable with meditating since it gives your mind something to focus on
Question 2
My physical experience during the Basic Mindfulness Meditation brought about a calming state of mind, and slowed breathing partially because this is the meditation style I already incorporate throughout my day. I embrace the quiet moments during the guided audio versions and appreciate not having to “worry about counting” if that makes any sense. This style allows me to feel like I’m floating or swaying, rather than being rooted to the ground. Over the years I wish I could say that my mind wanders less during this style, but it honestly depends on the day. This meditation style really allows you to realize how quickly your mind jumps to your mental to do list, and the worries your mind loves to fixate on.

Question 3
The main difference between these two styles I was able to immediately notice was the feeling of my body being rooted to ground vs. floating and almost feeling like I can look at myself while meditating (during basic mindfulness). In my opinion, I think you can gain respect from those with SUD if you help them dip their toes into the counting breath style…. In a sense, you can help them move their addictive behaviors from substances to feeling the calming sensations of meditation instead, but they need to get to experience that sensation with guidance at first. We’re all guilty of asking “am I doing this right?” during our exercises and it may give them the validation they’re seeking with the breath counting style.