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Catherine VanDraska

1. Prior to starting the exercise, I had learned some frustrating news about work so I was in a more elevate state. After getting to count 4, I felt my body calm and relax. I felt peaceful and ready to take on the challenge after the exercise. My mind responds very well to mindfulness exercises and found it easy to focus on the count. I find this exercise extremely effective.
2. I felt calm and peaceful physically. My mind wondered often about tasks that I needed to get done for work. I was able to bring my thoughts back, but did have some anxiety. One of my coping skills is to right down the tasks that I have to complete and I did not like the feeling of not being able to write them down. I think that it was effective to notice that my ability to keep work at work has decreased lately.
3. I think that both of these exercises could have significant benefits for myself and the people that I serve. I like the first exercise more when I am feeling overwhelmed but the second would be better when I need to bring more awareness to my thoughts so I can adjust were needed. My program currently does daily group medication and we utilize mindfulness practices when our youth are in crisis. These activities have continued to show the effectiveness.

Catherine VanDraska