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Ryan Crouse

Question 1
At first my mind was drawn to the achy or uncomfortable parts of my body and I would have to refocus my attention on the counting in my mind when I was breathing in and out. When i was more able to focus on the breathing and the counting my mind started to move away from my body and i was less aware of how it ached and the uncomfort in my body. I believe the exercise would be effective for calming my mind and helping me refocus my thoughts or help with an undesirable mood I am in.
Question 2
What I noticed the most about the physical experience was that each part of my body that I was being mindful of relaxed and I could feel the tension leave that area of my body. My mind would wander to the part of my body that always hurts. I have degenerative disk disease in my neck so my mind wanted to focus on that area and I had to redirect my thoughts. I think it shows how easily my mind wanders and that I have to bring myself back to the moment and focusing on my breath helps me to bring my mind back to the meditation and off of what my mind wants to wander to.
Question 3
I think the similarities where that both I was sitting the same breathing the same. the difference for me was the first one I was less aware of my body when I was focusing on on my breath and counting. I felt like I was leaving my body more so that the next one. the second meditation if I did the right one which was the guided meditation of starting at my feet and being mindful of different parts of m body. in that meditation I felt more in my body and mindful of my body and how it was feeling and how it was relaxing and the tension was going away.