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Cherie Duggan

I found it more useful to go from head to toe be toe to head as it seemed as soon as my brain and head were in a more aware state, I as able to focus more fully on the other areas of the body. Parts that I could distinguish as feeling tense or pain, rather than move quickly past, I spent time fully aware of the feelings and appreciated it. It helped me appreciate other areas that were calm, relaxed and loose. When I spend the time and allow the focus to occur, I do not find thoughts wandering. I would rate this meditation as effective in terms of making contact with the sensate experience.

I chose a smooth stone. I enjoyed exploring it visually and by touch. I was able to focused fully on the object, feeling its texture, noting whether it was cool or warm to the touch, and really spending time on that aspect as to fully feel the difference between a smooth texture and how that influenced by perception of its temperature. I spent time looking at it from different angles and with one eye open and one shut (and then switched) to see the difference in the experience. I did not find my mind wandering during this time as it felt like a treat to only focus on one thing during that time, and to stay fully focused on the present moment. I would evaluate the exercise as effectiveness as it did enhance my ability to focus my attention and maintain my focus.

I fell I could use both exercises in my practice, and I fell I could use this exercise with patients in person or via telehealth sessions as I could guide the experience. Working with patients with SUD and teaching these skills will be very beneficial to them, as they can take the skills and apply to so many situations that come up between therapy groups and sessions.