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Elaine Kaneski

Question 1
When using the guided meditation for the Lying Down/Body Scan Meditation, I felt at ease since this is a common activity used within my own yoga practice. Since I had a bit of a headache while doing this exercise and this was done after work, I felt that my head was making a strong connection to the earth, and overall I felt heavy and able to sink into the floor to relax. With the guidance, it was helpful to have the “reminder” to focus on different areas of the body and divert my attention from my headache, which in my opinion makes this technique very effective in terms on concentration.
Question 2
I’ve used a similar single object exercise with my college students previously, so it was nice to revisit this technique with more objects at my disposal in my office than a classroom – I chose an artificial succulent plant in my office and enjoyed being able to concentrate on the varying green colors of the plant itself and the ceramic container. Choosing to do this meditation first thing in the morning, before any of my co-workers arrived at work was helpful too, as my mind wasn’t wandering too much due to the lack of other sounds or distractions outside my office door. Being able to focus on one item that I generally overlook was a nice shift in perspective and helped me to ease into my workday with a general calm feeling honestly.