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Ryan Crouse

Question 1
I could feel my eczema on my hands when I was focusing on them. It was a struggle to move on form itchy feelings. My mind wanted to wander to how long I have had that issue. When I went to my chest, I felt congested and wanted to clear my throat. When I was focusing on my stomach area, I felt a really warm sensation in my body. When focusing on my neck and shoulders I felt the tension that was in them and the discomfort from my neck injuries. It was uncomfortable when I went down my back when I got to my lower back. It was a struggle to move on from points of discomfort and tension. By the end of the meditation I was relaxed and could fall asleep If I wanted to. I am going to do this exercise more and I have found some on YouTube I could do on my phone. It helped me to relax and if my body is relaxed more it will increase my flexibility. I am not sure about concentration; it is helpful to get me to focus on something and not having my thoughts wander.
Question 2
I chose to use a small stone for this exercise. The stone was mostly smooth with some rough spots on it. The stone was rounded with very few ridges. The stone was very hard and not at all flexible. The stone felt different in different areas, it was smooth then rough with indentations spots. The stone was colder than body temperature and seemed colder than the room temperature at the time. It felt gritty to the touch and smooth depending on the area I was touching. I struggled with remaining focused on the stone during this exercise. Even though I was in a quiet room my mind would wander. I would have to bring my mind back on several times during the five minutes. This exercise would help me develop concentration more than the first exercise.
Question 3
I would like to incorporate the body scan into my practice. I do not have anything for the client to lay down on so It would have to be in the seated position until I got a couch. I would like to do the exercises over and over again and be more fluid with them so I could use them with my clients. The focusing on a single object exercise could be useful when I am working with clients with SUD, and ADHD( Co-occurring disorders) and help them to train themselves to focus better.