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Cherie Duggan

I enjoyed the exercises, both were effective in what I was expecting, and I actually felt energized after completion. I practiced the soft belly meditation during a stressful zoom meeting I was a part of this week, and it helped get me in a better place and let the tension I was feeling go. It is empowering to be able to engage in an exercise like this, and have no one else know that you are practicing it. Recovery is geared and centered around accepting; accepting in order to change, changing in order to move forward, and moving forward in order to heal. We often forget they must just “be” first, before they can be something else. We don’t always acknowledge how difficult it must be for our patients to accept themselves as something worthy of change, as we see them as so worthy, that is why we do what we do. The patients I serve are dealing with SUD as well as a lack of awareness of the need for change, or the focus gets stuck on the pain one thinks they must feel in order to be fully ready for change. The concept of accepting oneself completely, as one is right now, is so in line with taking things a day at a time, only it can be scaled down to accepting things each moment in time. Accepting oneself completely, and releasing the judgmental thoughts and fears that one may feel can be very empowering to patients. Offering either of these mediations to patients could help them during a time when they are feeling disconnected, distraught, or even during a time of peace.

I just want to say Hello Catherine-I am so glad to see you in the posts!! I loved your insight into the youth you serve and the benefits of this for them during their journey in treatment.