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Ryan Crouse

Question 1
At first I felt tension in my neck and shoulders. I could feel my shoulders relax as I focused on my breathing saying ” soft’ when I inhaled and ” belly” when I exhaled. My body felt warmer and more at peace with less tension in my body. I believe the exercise good for accepting thoughts that come in and letting them go. To not fight the intruding thoughts. It reminds me of a martial arts lesson I had on being like the Willow tree. not fighting the tension and pain and relaxing through the pain and tension and redirecting the energy. Learning to accept tension and pain in the body and relaxing the muscles in the tense and painful areas.

Question 2
At first I felt uncomfortable in my body and began to relax as I focused more on my breathing and let my thoughts come and go. “May I accept myself completely as I am right now? This was very hard for my to do. I learned I am not very accepting of myself the way I am right now. I started to judge my constant need to diet an d uncomfortableness I have with my body image and desire to get back into better physical and cardiovascular condition. I had to focus harder on my breathing but my thoughts were pretty strong. I am going to continue to use this meditation on myself before I try it in a session. I believe that it will be a good tool for me to learn to accept myself more.

Question 3
I think that every day stress and life is hard for people to deal with. In session daily life stress comes up often. The exercises can help the person learn distress tolerance while practicing the mindfulness meditation. The person can learn self acceptance of their physical, emotional or mental health state at the time of the meditation. Reducing a persons negative reaction to stress in their environment can be a very good tool to help the person remain in recovery and not relapse. The acceptance meditation can help the person deal with negative tapes that are playing about themselves and the world around them and their perception of how they fit into their environments.