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Melissa Gerrish

Question 1
This has been by far the hardest one for me to adapt to … only because as soon as I saw ‘itch” I scratched! I do this with client’s (in a different scope) regularly. Just sitting with feelings or urges is sometimes all we need to do. The moment passes, the feeling passes and if it intensified I work with them to find out why they feel it has intensified. I ask “what is the harm in just having the feeling?” Riding out cravings and/or urges can be hard – it brings us back to the moment of distress tolerance and activations. I will work to shift the focus form long term recovery (for now) to a minutes, 5 minutes, one hour – even with support that is one hour you did not give into the urges/craving and then build off of that.

Question 2
Describe which of the mindfulness practices you picked and why? What did you notice about your physical experience and feelings, and your relationship to your thoughts during the mindfulness practice? How would you evaluate the effectiveness of this mindfulness exercise to meet your physical, emotional and mental experience in the moment with a sense of compassion and/or expand your sense of connection to something greater than the self? How would you envision adapting and integrating this mindfulness exercise into your clinical work with people with behavioral health issues? Be specific.

Question 3
What I found was the more focused I was on “doing it right” the harder it was. in doing each thing twice (for the 15-20 minutes) the first time was “learning” and the second “practicing.” This is something I can take back with me and remind client’s that we are all always learning and growing. In my own life it will be more about having the tools and not trying to “do them right” but use the framework and my way of doing it, will be my own and that is perfect. In the scope of learning, using this class as a teaching tool, I can say (and reference) my own struggles with learning new ways to think and be mindful and show that we can adapt tools given to us to meet our own needs and where we are at.