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Elaine Kaneski

Question 1
I have to agree, this meditation was a more difficult one for me, as I had a constant urge to shift my weight and move around on my cushion on the floor for some reason. I noticed that I felt rushed during most of my day, so taking time to “complete” this meditation felt like I wasn’t attending to other things that needed done. It’s comical to me that even throughout these 4 weeks, I sometimes struggled to find enough time to devote to my meditation practice. Working to resist the urge to shift my weight and allow my legs to relax is embarrassing for me to be honest, but once I shifted my attention to my breath, I was able to calm myself and get into my groove eventually. Personally, I think this would work well with clients because it is another way to show them that through a bit of brain power, they really can overcome the difficulties they’re being faced with.
Question 2
I love Sharon, so I picked her practice despite doing many of hers over the years. Her voice is calming and soothing to me, and I think that is something important to remember when encouraging clients to start a meditation or mindfulness practice – they have to feel comfortable with a guided meditation leader/or professional helping them with such sessions. Otherwise, they may lose interest or feel agitated for instance. I remember when I first started my meditation practice, I would focus on the smallest details of the guided meditation, such as the way the speaker would pronounce a certain word– it was only once I found sessions that worked for me that the light bulb went on for how relaxing the practice could truly be. If the client doesn’t like one, two, or even three sessions of meditation practices, ask the simple questions too – maybe they do or do not want a female voice; maybe they’d enjoy a shorter session, or maybe they need 40 minutes to truly settle into their practice.

Question 3
I really enjoyed taking this course and while some weeks I may have struggled to find the time to fit in the meditations, I enjoy that we were provided with so many different options of guided and written meditation practices. This allowed me to enhance my practice on some techniques that I was already familiar with, while re-visiting other techniques that I’ve hesitated to use, such as the urge surfing meditation.