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Catherine VanDraska

I struggled a bit with the urge suffer exercise at first. It was hard to focus on an itch and not scratch it. I was able to eventually focus in. I was able to feel as the itch grow bigger, shifted, and became small. I was able to feel the hot sensation of the itch and accept it’s presence. I think that this could be very helpful to support my patients through cravings, especially new patients.

The second strategy that I chose to practice was the Mind Through diffusion exercise. I enjoy the imagery and visualization and that this would work well with youth. Visualizing the sky and clouds felt very natural and calming. This exercise can also be used to connect with a higher power. I think that this exercise could be used when my youth receive difficult news from home and are powerless and unable to help because they are in treatment.

I have been into practicing mindfulness over the past few years but this course has allowed me to find more ways to incorporate it into my clinical practice. I find that mindfulness can significantly reduce my suffering and I look forward to being able to pass this onto my patients.