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Cherie Duggan

I too found this meditation more difficult, just trying to not focus on the urge to shift or scratch or adjust made it feel even more urgent of a need, but I liked that it would be so relatable to an urge to use. No matter the intensity, give it a moment to see if it will pass. as I had a constant urge to shift my weight and move around on my cushion on the floor for some reason.
The second strategy that I chose was the Mind Through diffusion exercise. I enjoy the visualization and that this would work well with all patients. Visualizing the sky and clouds felt very peaceful, the thought of how warm the sun would feel on the body also came over me a few times. Really enjoyed this one and and feel this would be something my patients would engage in during session or group as the idea of allowing thoughts and then letting them go can be so empowering.
When I signed up and began the course it was at a time when I thought I had the time to fit it into my schedule, and of course life happened and things got stressful and overly busy but finding the time to fit in the course and meditations actually helped me get through the last 4 weeks and helped me connect to and manage the suffering. I found myself looking forward to disconnecting from work and gaining the info and experience, which then would further benefit me in managing the heavy workload in the weeks that followed. The class allowed me to enhance my practice and techniques and I find myself interjecting mindfulness into nearly every conversation or task I am having/completing. I have had discussion with my staff about incorporating more mindfulness practices into our programs as well as into our lives.