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Melissa Ivey

Melissa Ivey

Homework Question 1:

In the first video, the confrontational style was used. Sal’s reaction was defensive and argumentative. He did not appear to be open to listening to what the provider had to say regarding changes she wanted him to make. He talked about just increasing the medication versus discussing the possibility that his dog may be triggering his asthmatic symptoms

In the second video, Sal appeared patient and willing to participate in the discussion regarding his dog. He was able to receive validation for the changes in his lifestyle that he was making. He was also more receptive to her ideas and wanted to work with her to solve his issues with asthma.

Overall, I thought the spirit of MI styles of interviewing was more effective. The confrontational style made me very uncomfortable watching how frustrated and upset Sal became. The MI styles seemed to move Sal closer to the action stage. He was willing to discuss how he would wheeze when the dog laid down next to him. He seemed more willing to work with the provider to discover what was best for him and did dot dismiss her ideas about his dog.

Homework Question 2:

Melissa’s ambivalence:
I feel ambivalent about exercising regularly.

One side of the ambivalence: My shifts at work are 12 hours long, and I am tired at the end of the day. I am not sure when to schedule regular exercise. I am out of shape and get discouraged quickly.

The other side of the ambivalence: If I exercise regularly, I would feel less stressed and more physically fit. I would be able to participate in hiking trips I would like to take this summer. I would lose weight that I gained during the pandemic.

Double sided Reflection:
Melissa, on the one hand you work long shifts and you are not sure when exercise would fit into your schedule. On the other hand, you understand that regular exercise will help reduce stress and anxiety.

Melissa, you also feel discouraged when you try to exercise and get winded quickly. On the other hand, if you did exercise regularly it would fit into your goal of becoming physically fit and losing weight.

You become discouraged when you’re not able to exercise for as long a duration as you would like, on the other hand, you really want to get in shape in order to complete several hikes this summer.

I found this to be an interesting exercise. I started off being very ambivalent about wanting to go out and walk. As I was doing the double reflections. I noticed myself becoming more encouraged to give it a try. I found myself playing with my schedule my head in order that I am able to incorporate exercise over the next few weeks. I even reminded myself of the time change that may help motivate me to exercise after work

Homework Question 3:

Consumer goals: Increase interactions with others. Gain some independence. Feel better about herself.

My goals: She would take her seizure medication as prescribed. Attend AA regularly. Leave her house 2-3 times a week.

The right reflections I participate in are the ones to encourage the client to take medication related to their seizures. This does not always line up with my clients desire to improve their quality of life or independence. They’ve had negative reaction while on the medication.

Agenda Setting:
I would start off by asking my client where they would like to begin. I may also have them list the topics that they wanted to make sure we discussed. I would list these topics on a piece of paper we could both see. Depending on the client, I may ask them how much time the believe we should try to spend on each topic. This would provide us with a framework for the session and the client would be shown that they have a say in the process.