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Question 1: I found that I wanted to avoid watching the “how not to MI video” a second time. I was surprised that Sal stayed in his chair through this interaction. He was very defended. I also wondered if I have behaved as the therapist did? Eek. (I also wondered what breed of dog Oscar was- 12yrs old is quite elderly for most breeds of dog. Given perhaps a short period of time, this will be a non issue. Why are we pitching our flag on this hill to die?)
In the second video, I noticed that Sal was physically leaning into the conversation. It felt collaborative, they could both work together to help him sort through his choices to be as healthy as he could be. I also noticed that he did more talking in the second interview.

Question 2:
I feel ambivalent avoiding sweets.
One on hand: I like how sweets taste and I find them satisfying.
On the other hand: I like being a healthy weight and I know I don’t need them

Becky, you really enjoy deserts, but you can see how eating them don’t support your health goals.
Becky, sweets seem to satisfy a need, perhaps to reward yourself, but you can also recognize that they are wants, not needs.
Becky, you enjoy deserts as a treat, however, you also enjoy being able to be healthy enough to engage in activities you like.

Question 3:
My client’s goals: to satisfy Maine Pre Trial, to not get a felony by showing a PTSD dx, to have custody of her children.
My goals: to live in a safe place, to be physically healthy, to be emotionally healthy

I am not sure that there’s a good deal of conflict between our goals, but the time line and priorities my certainly be different. I would like my client to live in a safe environment now, and my urge is to problem solve to make this so. However, she is her own expert about the dangers of her current living situation and when it’s safe to leave. She set the agenda at the start of the session- she wanted an assessment done to satisfy the requirements of pre-trial and did not want to engage in therapy as she had a working relationship with another counselor. I followed her lead during the assessment, but also asked for an ROI to communicate with her counselor about her current engagement in treatment.