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Robert Hussey

My name is Bobby. I am an Education Technician III (Ed Tech) at a day treatment program for children as a School based Behavioral Health Professional. I am a conditionally Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC-c). I need to work on obtaining CEUs and obtaining supervision within the field to start practicing. I have done my practicum as an intern in a school grades 7-12 and counseled senior citizens in an independent living community as part of my practicum. I was also an intern at a short-term crisis stabilization unit for adults. I have worked with populations from across the lifespan from children to adults to senior citizens on a range of issues and topics. Now I work at a day treatment school program where the school aged population could have trauma, developmental delays or disorders which require the child to have a higher level of care for success pertaining to academics, social interaction, and regulating appropriate behavior towards self and others.