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Nichole Proulx-King

Question 1
I found myself cringing and feeling generally uncomfortable when watching the confrontational style of interviewing. I watched Sal respond very defensively to this style and it did not appear effective or as if he had any buy in to the suggestions or directives. In the Spirit of MI style video, it felt relaxed and like Sal was able to identify where he was at on his own. Sal also did not become defensive in this video. The MI style definitely helped Sal move closer to action as he began to consider things that would help him address his asthma.

Question 2
I often feel ambivalent about regular exercise.
3 statements: I know that exercise always makes me feel better in the long run. Exercise requires a lot of motivation. Getting up early in the morning and exercising makes me feel the best and gives me more energy during the day. I require a lot of sleep and getting up early is difficult. Exercise makes me feel more confident about my body. Exercise can also make me feel frustrated when I don’t see immediate results.
3 double sided reflections: I heard you say that you know that exercise always makes always makes you feel better in the long run, but it take a significant amount of motivation to get started. Early morning exercise is the most helpful for giving you energy during the day but you also require a lot of sleep and this can hold you back from getting up to exercise in the morning. Exercise helps to boost your confidence in your body but can also lead to an increase in frustration if you don’t see results immediately.
I was easily able to see that making a choice to change is difficult because there is evidence that maintains the ambivalence. The responses helped validate this feeling and that maybe my not making choices to change weren’t necessarily because I am lazy. I think it moved my ambivalence a little more toward thinking about what I can control and what I can change.

Question 3
Consumer generated behaviors: Better study habits, not isolating self, getting better sleep, exercising more.

My agenda behaviors: Develop a routine, spend less time on social media, engage in self care regularly, better hygiene habits.

Discrepancies: The person in mind often has poor hygiene habits and this is not something they are stating they want to change, but I want to address this with them as I believe that it is impacting their self isolating behaviors. My instinct for them to spend less time on social media is also related to their goal of wanting to get better sleep and not self-isolate, but they are not stating that this is their goal. I want to help them get their goals “right” by inserting some of my own and this will not be helpful for them.

Using MI Agenda Setting: I would start by asking them what goals they have and what ways they have imagined changing these. I would then reflect their answers and determine if there is any ambivalence present. Then we could move into exploring what stage of change they are in.