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Kelly Jeremie

First video the confrontational style was argumentive First he wasn’t open to take the providers advise not was the provider really listening to his concerns.
The second video Sal did seem to be more attentive to listening to the provider and even showed he would give a try to make things work.
In personally don’t like confrontation and using MI styles accepting and being partners in communicating together can help a provider to see the needs of the client.
2nd question I feel ambivalence about showering everyday. One side I know that showering is good for health and hygiene I feel ambivalent about showering every day but I feel that it takes to much time to get ready in the morning and don’t want to be late for work.
Sally, on one hand you now good hygiene is the best every day to be healthy on the other hand you feel that it takes too much time to complete.
Sally you seems to struggle with completing your ADL’s on the other hand you see the importance of having a healthy hygiene and not having a routine of not showering .
Sally you may be wondering which to pay more attention to the time it takes to shower or the importance of your hygiene daily and creating a routine daily to take care of your self.
Question 3
My behavior is learning to adapt and complete my PT exercise daily to benefit the pain in back and legs. I know that it can benefit my body to have stronger muscles. Maybe I can take breaks in between each set of stretches and drink water to help.
Client behavior : trying to stop smoking marijuana . I first would ask the client where he wanted to start to work on the struggle and use reflective listening in order to see where he is struggling. I would ask the client to take some notes and look at areas that he may be able to participate in making this happen. I would ask why he or she feels that she needs to do this and what it making he or she feel that there is no other option.