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Carol Acedo

Question 1.
My reaction to watching the two videos that I watched were how they were complete opposites. In the first video was on of targeting, no listening and Sal became very defensive and when Sal notices that the therapist was not listening he stopped talking, body language was of Sal becoming irritated and wanted to leave the meeting. The MI video showed compassion, listening and trying to understand Sal’s concerns for his dog, himself and his family. He spoke of how hurt he would be if his family got sick and how devastated he would be if he had to give up his dog. Sal opened up regarding the step he has been taking to try to fix his problems on his own.

Question 2:
Issue of ambivalence: I feel ambivalence about doing home repairs after I get home from work.
One Side: I know that if I help with home repairs after getting home from work the job will get done faster, and I would have to think about them again once done.
Other Side: I struggle with wanting to do anything beside sitting down and reading after a long day of work that was stressful.
Tammy on one hand you know that helping your husband take care of home repairs will get them done faster and you won’t have to worry about them getting done. On the other hand after a long day of work with your clients can be stressful, so you read for self care.
Tammy you seem to be struggling with helping your husband so that he does not have to do all the work on your home alone, wanting to get your repairs done so that you do not have to worry about them any more. It seems important to you to work as a team and get these things done to alleviate your stress of them not being done.
Tammy you need to remember that self care is very important to maintain you mental health so that you can help your clients to the best of your ability. You need to keep the lines of communication open with your husband to let him know how you are feeling. Communication regarding the tasks at hand is very important to keep your stress level down while at home and with communication your husband will be able to help you to elevate your stress by making a schedule to help with being able to continue with your self care and working as a team to get the projects done.
I found this exercise to be able to actually think about different ways that I try to do everything for everyone and I feel guilty when I want time to my self. I found that thinking about situations in a different light that some of the stress is brought on by me and not the situation.
Question 3:
Consumer goal: Stop using illegal drugs, take better care of her self, get her daughter back into her home.
My goals: Attend counseling for her drug use 3x per week. Start with healthy choices for purchasing to consume. Attend all court meetings and follow all direction that is required by the court.

The right reflection I will participate in the ones that are needed to encourage the client to make better choices and that offer support and knowledge to help use different coping skills to be able to achieve sobriety, making healthy food choices and court/ CM proceedings in which the goal is closer to having her daughter returned. This does not line up with my clients desires at time where she can become overwhelmed with the process and at times feels that what ever she does will not be good enough.

Agenda Setting: I would ask my client where she wanted to start. Having her bring notes and/or concerns on what the topics are that she wants to discuss. Writing these goals down, we both will have a copy to be able to refer back too. Letting the client pick the topics that are the most important to her and working on those first as to not overwhelm and have her walk out if she has increased anxiety regarding these serious topics. Charting progress will help the client better understand even the smallest process is moving forward.