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Monica Sonner

• Question 1:
o Video 1: Sal appeared frustrated and aggregated that his concerns were not being addressed with the dog as indicated by his voice becoming louder throughout the duration of the video. He also becomes argumentative and defensive throughout the video. He even states that the end when she is asking if he understands, “I understand that you don’t get my situation.” This makes him not want to listen to the provider because he feels that his views are being ignored.
o Video 2; Sal appeared more open to learning and understanding how to help his symptoms of asthma. He was able to discuss what steps he has already taken and has been able to identify what he wants; he wants to alleviate his symptoms of asthma while being able to keep the dog. He has recognized some different triggers that may contribute to his asthma. He was also able to identify signs that his dog may be contributing to these symptoms, but was able to create a plan to help him both keep his dog and improve his health by taking medications and cutting out other things such as smoking and drinking. This makes it easier for the client to be open to change by making it their idea rather than them being told what to do.
• Question 2
o Monica’s Ambivalence: I feel ambivalent about ordering take out most nights of the week.
o One side: Cooking dinner at home takes too much time and then I have to clean the dishes and counters after.
o Other side: I know that cooking at home will save me money and is a healthier option for me.
o Double sided reflection: On one hand, ordering take out is quick and saves time, but on the other hand cooking at home helps to fit with the goal of saving money and becoming more financially healthy and being financially healthy is important to you.
o This helps to address the concerns that the client is feeling while helping them towards their main goal, being more financially healthy which helps motivate them to cook more at home.
• Question 3
o Consumer-generated target behaviors: becoming a better parent, becoming more financially independent, and use substances less.
o My goals: Attend parenting classes and support groups, go through employment development center to obtain employment and alleviate barriers, and to seek recovery coach.
o Main discrepancies: The client feels overwhelmed with all the different programs. I will acknowledge this and help client come up with a schedule to help with time management. I will help client understand how doing these programs will help with him obtaining his goals.
o Through MI I can help the client use the goals of having a support group, having a job, and working towards recovery will help with being a better parent and being more financially independent. The client’s goals are being heard and worked on and I am not pushing them to do something that they are not ready for, such as being completely sober.