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Charles Cardoza

Homework Questions 2
Question 1
What are your general impressions of and reactions to the MI interview of Terry Moyers and the “Rounder?”
Rounder consistently gave off the vibes of Poor me, look at the predicament I’m in. It’s not my fault. If the old lady hadn’t rear-ended me while I was stopped at a stop sign, I wouldn’t be here. My probation officer and daughter are treating me unfairly. Finally he seems resolve that, due to his legal situation he has to be in treatment, so I may as well make the best of it.
Question 2
Give two or three examples of Rounder’s sustain talk and two or three examples of Rounder’s change talk, and identify whether each is a Desire, Ability, Reason, Need, or Commitment, Activation, or Taking Steps type of change talk.
“But I never hurt them kids and never in my life done a thing to hurt them.”
“Hell you know that I’ve had to take him home a lot of times, that I’ve been the one standing and he been passed out and couldn’t walk. It doesn’t make sense. None og this makes sense.”
“Well, I’m kind of an uptight guy. I have a hard job. I work around a lot of old boys that are pretty rough and tumble. I drive a long ways and unload big trucks. I get tired sometimes. I like to sit down and have a drink.”
“Well, I want something that will help me with court.” (Reason, Need)
“If I don’t stop drinking, I’m probably going to be right back in this mess again.” (Desire, Reason)
“There’s a lot of things I can do, but I’ve never tried to stop drinking. I get thinking about it honestly.” (Desire, Reason, Need)
Question 3
Give two or three examples of the interviewer’s use of complex reflective listening and strategic responses to Rounder’s sustain talk. What impact does the interviewer’s use of complex reflective listening and strategic responses have on Rounder’s sustain talk and change talk? Be specific and elaborate.
“So it seems to you like I might try to push you around and make you do a whole bunch of things you don’t want to do.” This causes Rounder to somewhat apologize for his attitude. “It probably isn’t your fault, but that’s just kind of the way things have been gong, you know.”
“So it’s confusing to you why your drinking should cause a problem or everybody else should be talking about that when you look around and you see other people drink more than you do.” This causes Rounder to somewhat maintain his sustain talk, but validates his behavior as being improved from 10 years ago. “I’ve changed a lot in 10 years….I drink a little bit but I work hard. It’s nothing for me to sit down and drink a six-pack or two and still be able to function.”
“So drinking kind of helps you relax, you know, cope with life.” Again, Rounder validates his current behavior as being an improvement from the past. “When I get really angry, I don’t have to go slap somebody around…..since I’ve gotten older I kinda have a coup or 3 or 4 beers, kinda cool down a bit.”
Rounder: “I’m not like one of them bums you see laying down there by the bus depot on the lawn selling his blood and stealing hubcaps.”
Terri: “So it feels like everyone is looking at your drinking, but it’s just not as bad as everyone thinks it is.” Rounder confirms, but doubtfully. “I don’t know that it’s true, but you might say that.”
Rounder: Talked about his daughter’s concern: driving under the influence with his grandchildren in the car and how she doesn’t trust him. Indicates he feels betrayed as he regularly helped her out financially in the past.
Terri: “Kind of a mystery to you why she’d even worry about that.”
Rounder then follows about how her and his wife are siding with each other against him.
Terri then asks if he feels they are ganging up on him. Rounder replies that it feels that way, but is not sure if it is true – expresses some doubt.
Question 4
Give two or three examples of Rounder’s signs of readiness to change. If you were interviewing Rounder and you noticed these signs of readiness to change, what would your next step be in this interview? Be specific and elaborate.
“…the only reason I’m coming here is to maybe same my license so I won’t lose my job and lose my house.” I would run with this for starters – keeping him motivated to do what he had to do the save his license, job and house. This may improve relations with his wife and daughter so that he is allowed to see his grandchildren and further motivate him to stick with recovery.
“I wouldn’t mind doing this stuff if there was anything in it for me, but so far I’ve been having to pay this and pay the lawyer and pay for the wreck and pay for the evaluation and everything and so far ol Jim ain’t got nothing.” Again, I would redirect Jim to the possibility of saving his license, job, house, and maybe relations with his family.