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Danielle Wilbur

Question 1
What are your general impressions of and reactions to the MI interview of Terry Moyers and the “Rounder?”
He repeatedly states that he does not want to be there and is ambivalent about his drinking. When talking about all the ways his OUI has disrupted his life the MI interview reflects what he is saying without judgment. He starts to respond to the choices he has and goes from defensive to empowered.
I watched it a few times and the conversation about his issues with blond hair and her having blond hair the same as his probation officer. Asking him to tell her more instead of being defensive or offended, keeps him engaged and talking. I could see how effective this was and how it could easily have gone in a bad direction otherwise.
Question 2
examples of Rounder’s sustain talk
Need : He drinks to deal with the stress in his life and work and to cool down his temper
Ability: He quit drinking for a couple of weeks but, does not know if he could quit drinking completely.
examples of Rounder’s change talk,
Reasons : He says if he doesn’t stop drinking he is going to be in this mess again.
Need : He needs to seek treatment to hopefully keep his license /job/home
Question 3
Give two or three examples of the interviewer’s use of complex reflective listening. strategic responses to Rounder’s sustain talk. What impact does the interviewer’s use of complex reflective listening and strategic responses have on Rounder’s sustain talk and change talk? Be specific and elaborate.
His sustain talk of not understand why he should have to be evaluated when others he knows drink more then he does or can’t handle their drinking as well as he does. She reflects back how he feels others are picking on him like a bunch of crows about his drinking and asked him since he is here what does he want to do with this time and what would be helpful.
He talks about how he was successful quitting for a week or two to show people he could but, it did not last. She strategically reflects that it sounds like he does not know if he could stop even if he wanted to. His response seems to turn a corner and recognizes that this could be true.
Question 4
Give two or three examples of Rounder’s signs of readiness to change. If you were interviewing Rounder and you noticed these signs of readiness to change, what would your next step be in this interview? Be specific and elaborate.
He starts to ask questions about the process of counseling and what he might be asked to do. He also talks about getting something out of all the time and money he will be spending and that maybe the value will be in not drinking anymore. Once he expressed an intention to change, I would ask him to express his commitment to change to me and someone else in his life like his daughter or wife.