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Kelly Jeremie

1. what are your general impression of and reactions to the MI interview of Terry Moyers and the Rounder?
First Jim didn’t want to change and after Terry switched his language from sustained speech to change speech to seemed Jim was able to see where he might need to change. This clearly can help with clients when they are struggling with change and need to recognize why or how to change even using baby steps.
2. examples of Rounder’s sustain talk: 1. reason sustained speech, Getting angry ” used to slap someone around”
Ability ” I’d take it to ‘m but since I’ve gotten older I kinda have a couple or 3 or 4 beers , kinda cool down a little bit. 2. so just because you were drinking they kind of used that as an excuse to pin the accident on you. ” Put on me , she walked scott free.

3. Desire: is there anything maybe you guys can do maybe about me keeping my license and all that change speech, if there s anything in it for me.
reason and need Terri: Yeah. You’re not here because you think you have a problem. You’re here
because they sent you here.
” Yeah. The court sent me here”.
” And that’s the only reason you’re here”.
” Yeah I’ll be honest with you. There’s no need in me lying to you because you
know unless you go down and tell the court that you know I’m not motivated to
be here or anything, but I don’t like any of this I’ll be honest with you. It’s taking
a lot of time that I don’t have. Its taking of money I don’t have for the court and
the fines and all this stuff. On top of that I’ve got to pay my lawyer $1000 which
I don’t have to represent me and I guess he’s probably one of the reasons I’m here
today because… but you know he and I drink together? I’ve known this guy ever
since he got out of law school. He’s a good friend of mine, but I said “Now, why
do I have to go up there you know I’m paying you $1000 to represent me and I’ve
got to go over and go through this evaluation and all that.” That does not make
sense. And he says, “You’ve got a drinking problem.” Hell, you know I’ve had to
take him home a lot of times, that I’ve been the one standing and he been passed
out and couldn’t walk. It doesn’t make sense. None of this makes sense.
Give two or three examples of Rounder’s signs of readiness to change
People keep saying that you need to stop drinking and I ain’t never done that
either. I think I could. I’ve tried a couple of times and I wasn’t very… I think one
time I quit for a week or two just to show people I could stop drinking. I wasn’t
too happy. Really I didn’t know why in the hell I stopped anyway.
It almost sounds like you don’t even know whether you could stop even if you
wanted to.
“That’s a funny thing to say. I can do just about anything but I can’t say
yes to that, that I can stop drinking. I think you’re right on that one. There’s a lot
of things I can do, but I’ve never tried to stop drinking, I get thinking about it,