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Monica Sonner

Question 1:
At first, Jim seemed resistant towards talking with Terry because he mentioned having some difficulties trusting other service providers he has recently worked with. Terry was able to help meet him where he is and provide an understanding of his concerns and thoughts. This helped to gain rapport and build trust between Terry and Jim to move forward with finding his goals and how to achieve them.
Question 2:
Reason: “the only reason I’m coming here is so I can maybe save my driver’s license so I won’t lose my job and so I won’t lose my house. It’s not because I want to do any of this crap you know”
Ability “I wouldn’t mind doing some of this stuff may if there was anything in it for me”
Desire: “I want something that will help me with court”
Reason: “if I get out of this, if I can save my house and my job I’d better do something that’s gonna keep me from doing this again,”
Question 3:
Example 1:So the fact that your daughter won’t even take your word for the fact that you won’t drink kind of bites at you a little bit.
This helped to open up Jim to see the perspective of his family members and how it may be impacting their relationship. This helps to create motivation for him to create goals that are motivating to help with his relationship with his family.
Example 2: So drinking kind of helps you relax and, you know, cope with your life.
Terri was able to identify why he is using alcohol to help provide a path to seeking other coping skills and helping him see how it is impacting other life domains despite the fact that it is helping him with coping with life.
Example 3: It sounds like if you look ahead take look at your drinking and see where you’re going to go with that, you’re kind of worried about that
This helped to guide Jim to understanding what motivates him to help him reach his goals.
Question 4:
“You know there was another thing I was thinking about. If I don’t stop drinking I’m probably going to be right back in this mess again.”
“I wouldn’t mind doing some of this stuff may if there was anything in it for me, but so far I’ve been having to pay this and pay the lawyer and pay for the wreck and pay for the evaluation and everything and so far ol Jim ain’t got nothing.”
I would start talking about what some of his goals are; having a better relationship with his family, being a better worker, keeping his independence, etc. I would ask him how he thinks he could reach these goals and provide him with a direction on how we could help him get to these goals. I would also help guide him to breaking down his long-term goals into short term goals to help come up with an overall plan.