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Carol Acedo

Question 1
What are your general impressions of and reactions to the MI interview of Terry Moyers and the “Rounder?”
Jim was conflicted on why he was there, what good it was going to do him and didn’t understand the money he was putting in and he seemed to not believe that he was going to get anything out of it. Terry did not make any promises but stated to Jim that this was his decision on how he wanted to help him self as well as giving feedback to his statements and concerns of how he was going to address his situation.

Question 2
Give two or three examples of Rounder’s sustain talk and two or three examples of Rounder’s change talk, and identify whether each is a Desire, Ability, Reason, Need, or Commitment, Activation, or Taking Steps type of change talk.
Reason: I am here because the court says I have to be, I don’t want to do this, I can handle my drinking.
Ability: I would do this if I knew there was something in it for me.
Desire: I want someone/something to help me with court.
Reason: If I stay here, I can get help to stop drinking and save my license, job and home.
Question 3;
Terry states that Jim does not think if he can quit drinking or not, even though he has quit for a week or two in the past, he has never gotten past 2 week. It was like he had a moment of clarity when he responded, “That’s a funny thing to say. I can do just about anything but I can’t say yes to that, that I can stop drinking. Funny question that I have never been able to answer.
Question 4:
I have to come here and spend this money, I feel that I should be getting something out of this. I would talk about the commitment to change, leading in questions that will have him think regarding the money he is spending on his treatment to his overall needs and desires that will come with treatment. The client may be more willing and committed to change when speaking of building trust with his daughter again to see his grandchildren.