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Jennifer McCaslin

Question 1:
The video was interesting to watch how Jim transformed from ambivalence with his drinking and treatment to willingness and acceptance. The interviewer used open ended questions and reflective listening which was effective with Jim to see his problem with alcohol. At the beginning of the session Jim was blaming others for his legal issues and family conflicts and after processing with the interviewer he was able to take some accountability and be open to some help.

Question 2:
Sustain talk:
Need : Jim drinks to deal with the stress in his life.
Ability: Jim quit drinking for a couple of weeks but, does not know if he could quit drinking completely.
Reason: “the only reason I’m coming here is so I can maybe save my driver’s license so I won’t lose my job and so I won’t lose my house. It’s not because I want to do any of this crap you know”.
Desire: “I want something that will help me with court”.

Change talk:
Need: “If I don’t stop drinking he is going to be in this mess again”.
Reason : “I wouldn’t mind doing some of this stuff may if there was anything in it for me.”
Desire: “I wouldn’t mind coming here to live”.

Question 3:

JIM: My daughter she you know, she uh… won’t let me see the kids. “Well she’ll let me see them but she won’t let me take them anywhere anymore”. ” And that really has me upset you know. She’s afraid that I’ll take them and hurt
them driving around, drinking and driving and things like that. And I never have
hurt one of them kids”. Even when I say to her that I wouldn’t drink she still don’t trust me now. And
that’s really got me upset, really got me ticked off.

Interviewer: “So she’s afraid that if you take the children with you that you’ll be drinking and
then you might hurt them or get in an accident. : So the fact that your daughter won’t even take your word for the fact that you won’t drink kind of bites at you a little bit. “So its kind of a mystery to you why she’d even be worried about that.
The interviewer is processing with Jim on his daughters worries and reasoning why she is concerned for her kids. This reflective listening opens up a more in depth dialogue to Jim’s drinking and behaviors while he is drinking. Interviewer’s approach has been effective with Jim recognizing his alcohol problem.

Question 4:

At the beginning of the interview Jim clearly exhibited ambivalence and resentment for having to be there and people’s concerns regarding his drinking. He was quick to deflect and blame others. However as the interview continued and Jim began to engage, change his thinking, take some responsibility and acknowledging the benefits for making changes such as not losing his job, license or home and having a better relationship with his family. With utilizing MI strategies the interviewer was successful with Jim on his readiness to make some changes which would impact his life positively.