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Diane Scalia

Homework question 1:
I am in awe of the skillful way that Moyer was able to move the “Rounder” from pre-contemplation to action. Her interaction with this client could have potentially gone horribly awry. The client came into the meeting “on fire” and she was able to build an alliance with him by meeting him where is was at and rolled with the resistance with the use of reflective responses to gain insight into the his values (family, work, reputation). She primarily used reflective listening to move the client from sustain talk to change talk.
Homework question 2:
Three examples of Rounder’s sustain talk:
“I’m paying my lawyer $1000 and he says, ‘You’ve got a drinking problem’…he and I drink together…I’ve had to take hime home a lot of times…”
“I used to be a rounder…I’ve settled down…I drink a little bit but I work hard…”
“My buddies might say I quit drinking because I can’t hold my liquor …I can outdrink all of them…”
Three examples of Rounder’s change talk:
“I wouldn’t mind doing some of this stuff maybe if there was anything in it for me” (Reason)
“I wouldn’t mind coming here to live, but I wouldn’t want to sit around in pajamas” (Desire)
“I want something that will help me in court” (Desire)
“As long as I’m putting all this one into it, I’d like to come out with something.” (Reason)
Homework question 3:
Examples of complex reflection:
“It seems to you like I might try to push you around and make you do a whole bunch of things you don’t want to do.”
“Do you kind of have the feeling that your wife and daughter are ganging up against you?”
The reflections of meaning and feeling above, decreased Rounder’s sustain talk. He began speaking about his own feelings and values. He was able to verbalize his desire to save his driver’s license and keep his job and his house.
Examples of strategic responses:
“It almost sounds like you don’t know whether you could stop even if you wanted to.”
This statement reflects the Rounder’s ambivalence to change. He admits that Moyer is “right” in her assessment and Rounder admits that there are “ a lot things I can do”.
“Just because you were drinking they kind of used that as an excuse to pin the accident on you”.
The Rounder’s statement about the “grandma’s driving around crazy” more than likely described the reason why he got the DWI.
Home question 4:
Examples of Rounder’s readiness to change:
The Rounder became curious in what he could get out attending treatment at the center, what treatment involved. The Rounder then moved to expressing a good reason for attending treatment and envisioning something different by stating, “If I don’t stop drinking, I’m probably going to be right back in this mess again”…and, “if I get out of this, if I can save my house and my job, I’d better do something that’s gonna keep me from doing this again, don’t you think?”
At this point, I may give Rounder a tour of the center and provide more elaboration as to the various treatment options that the treatment center offers.