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Danielle Wilbur

Question 1
What are your general reactions to these two video role plays of a counselor using MI strategies to help a client develop a change plan to stop drinking? Overall, how effective is the counselor’s use of MI in evoking Commitment, Activation, and Taking Steps change talk? How effective is the counselor’s use of MI to help the client develop a specific change plan? Be specific.
I think in the swimming video, the client seems very cooperative, and the depression client is a little less motivated. I liked how in the depression video it highlighted each step in the conversation as it went. The client is resistant to taking medication and states an interest in natural choices. When she is resistant to exercising, he respects her autonomy and gives her the choice to explore the topic further and gives her information about how it works. In the summery he gets her to commit to a plan, including the details of how it will work for her. Both clients state that they are committed to this change. I could also see that it could be hard for a client to admit if they did not follow the plan they helped create. Because it is broken down into small attainable steps, they have little room to come up with reasons why they didn’t follow through.
Question 2
What, if anything, would you have done differently if you were the counselor in this role play? Would you have used different MI strategies for change planning? Which ones? Why? Be specific. If you would have used the same MI strategies, how would you improve on what the counselor in the video did? Why? Be specific?
I think I would have done the interview the same with a few small exceptions. In the depression interview, I do not think I would have brought up BDNF and dismissed the explanation of what it is because it could lead to a client becoming defensive or feeling like they are being talked down to. I liked how both councilors kept the client engaged in the conversation. I might have explored what she liked about swimming a little more and included that in the summery.
Question 3
How do you or would you envision using some of the MI strategies for change planning discussed in this lesson in your own work with consumers/clients/patients?
I think I would need to watch the depression interview a few times to really get the hang of how the conversation should go in MI. I found it helpful that each step was identified along the way, I work with clients who are often at the end of their resources. Some are harder to pivot from a confrontational attitude. I want to practice the flow of MI like a more natural conversation.