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Kelly Jeremie

In the video the client was very willing to start to make plan to change. he even gave a few options that he said may help. Going to church was brought up and the client reported that he doesn’t go that his wife and daughter so he reported that he should probably go but felt that he would be a hypocrite if he went. The counselor reported that sometime church is brough up as a support group due to the AA meeting that gear more toward God. The client reported that he wasn’t against it just he reported that his wife and daughter will go and not even ask him because they are use to him not going. The client reported that he would consider going to maybe spend more time with his wife and daughter as well as consider to attend an AA meeting. I feel that the counselor is very well trained in MI and was able to reflect , strategize and summarize with the client a good plan of action.
2.In believe I would have done a lot of the same that the counselor did reflection , summarize and engage with the client to as questions on what he wants to do to start the plan to start over and move forward. Maybe ask a few more questions to see what the client is looking at in order to make a change and his plan of action.
3. I try to use MI strategies to help the client with change however I do feel that I get distracted when the client will change from one topic to another. I could ask more questions to get more information as well to help the client commit to change.