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Kristin Giguere

Question 1:
Watching these role plays I was able to discern times when MI was being utilized and times when the counselor strayed from MI and was less effective than he could have been. There were parts of the process that were missing from the videos, and I’m not sure if that is because the steps were omitted or if they just weren’t part of the role play. The counselor seemed to be pretty effective in evoking commitment and activation, getting the client to commit to talking to a coworker about AA when he gets back to the office. I didn’t notice any Taking Steps change talk in either of the role plays. I did not find the counselor’s use of MI to be very effective in the development of a specific change plan. The client identified that things need to change, but it seemed as though the development of a plan was primarily counselor driven, and not a lot of time went into resolving ambivalence.

Question 2:
If I was the counselor in the role play I would spend more time exploring the client’s motivation to change as well as his ambivalence about quitting drinking. I would get into the change planning more gradually than the counselor did in the video. I would not have provided information without asking permission first and I would have tried eliciting from him what knowledge he already has. I would utilize more open-ended questions and I would also have asked about the next steps would be after he speaks to his coworker. I would also have asked a confidence scaling question.

Question 3:
In my own work with students I can envision myself eliciting information before providing any. I also can see myself using their values as a way to increase motivation for change. I really like the confidence scaling question, as well, and I can see some ways that could be used in my daily practice.