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Question 1
I think the counselor did an excellent job with the +complex reflection. Each time he paraphrased and added to what the client said, not just repeat word for word what the client said. It was more conversational and made him more approachable. The counselor helped used +complex reflection for each step, and helped the client make a plan for recovery. I especially liked that the counselor asked the client to call him after he talked to his coworker in AA, and his wife. I noticed the counselor also asked for permission to offer suggestions. I’m glad he did that.

Question 2
In the second video around 5:41 the client talks about AA having some sort of plan. I think I would tell him more about AA, or even get him to a place of committing to 90 meetings in 90 days to really give him a good start. That’s what a counselor did for me, and I’ve been sober 29 years now. Around 6:29 he talks about the possible pitfalls. I would encourage him to ask his coworker to help him get to a meeting tonight and every night since he’s tempted by parties and football games. About 11:00, I would have told him to also get a sponsor in AA to help him get acquainted with the program, and to have someone to talk to about his recovery in between therapy sessions.

Question 3
I’ve really learned a lot about the +complex reflection. I find it to be a very useful tool. I also realize I use these tools quite often with participants of our program. Much of our program is around setting goals and making changes. When some are resistant, I talk with them and do a lot of listening and collective brainstorming once there seems to be some motivation and commitment on their part.