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Monica Sonner

Question 1:
I enjoyed that the counselor used open-ended questions to help the client discuss what his goals are and used reflective listening to confirm these goals. I also liked how the counselor used a combination of both using open-ended questions along with reflective listening to help the client come up with goals to help him not drink including helping client with fulfilling his social personality without going to bars which may be triggering to him by discussing possibly going to church. I also liked that the counselor helped to understand some of the risks and benefits were for some of the client’s options such as there being a lot of religion in AA groups which may make some people uncomfortable. I also like that the counselor discussed who might with these goals, such as his family.
Question 2:
One strategy that I would utilize if I were the counselor include using a scale to elicit and reaffirm the commitment to better understand the willingness the client has for following through with his goals. I think this is a great strategy to opening the discussion for possible obstacles that the client may foresee and to open the discussion of how the client may alleviate these barriers. I would also try to allow the client to give the client more time to come up with his own ideas.
Question 3:
An example of how I can use this is using scales to talk about willingness to change and commit. An example of this is my clients who want to get custody of their children. I can ask what ways they think they can work towards that goal such as going to rehab, getting counseling, parenting classes, support groups, etc. I can ask them how comfortable they are to committing to following through to help get a better understanding of obstacles that they may face.