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Carol Acedo

Question 1:
I feel the MI helped this client with the councilor used open ended questions, reflective listening. The Client and Clinician were able to joke and laugh regarding the topic of the session. The commitment to change as his goal was stated and the information that the counselor used to redirect back to the client to help him make a SMART goal to help him attain his sobriety. There is either drinking or not drinking. He has his many different natural supports in his community and his home that can help support him in the need for change. The idea that the client had stated that his goal was not to drink proves that he is ready to make this change. Going back to church, following through with AA meetings are ways that he can use the supports already in place around him to help.
2. I feel that I would have used the same method to help my clients with change and planning. I feel that I might use a few more questions to completely understand the need for change, the barriers that could be there for the client as well as how the start up plan would affect those around them. This would be important to know if the client had natural supports or none at all.
3. I liked the empowering part, some of my clients have a hard time to make a decision and stick to it for more than 5 minutes, when its time to put the plan into action, they forget or do not feel the need to act. Focusing is harder with the ever changing mind set of my clients and this can help me stay on tract and keep the client on track for change.