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Jennifer McCaslin

Question 1:

What are your general reactions to these two video role plays of a counselor using MI strategies to help a client develop a change plan to stop drinking? Overall, how effective is the counselor’s use of MI in evoking Commitment, Activation, and Taking Steps change talk? How effective is the counselor’s use of MI to help the client develop a specific change plan? Be specific.

The videos were interesting and had great dialogue by both parties. The client and counselor seemed to have a good rapport and the conversation had a natural flow. The counselor utilized open ending questions and reflective listening. This allowed the client to process his issues with alcohol and see the need to change. The client then made a commitment to change and discussed the action steps needed to implement change.

Question 2:

What, if anything, would you have done differently if you were the counselor in this role play? Would you have used different MI strategies for change planning? Which ones? Why? Be specific. If you would have used the same MI strategies, how would you improve on what the counselor in the video did? Why? Be specific?

I found the counselor’s approach effective and on point to have the client engaged with change planning. I might have discussed more in depth how to reduce the risk or opportunity to drink. And how the client might handle a situation like that. Also discussing a support system and the various resources available to the client.

Question 3:

How do you or would you envision using some of the MI strategies for change planning discussed in this lesson in your own work with consumers/clients/patients?

With my clients I would utilize simple reflection and open-ending questions. I would discuss the actions steps to change but break them down as simple as possible. I use the term “baby steps” often. This is to not overwhelm my clients and have objectives/action steps that are obtainable. I would process with the client the different support/options/resources available to assist them with their change planning. This might motivate them with their commitment knowing they have support.