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Jennifer McCaslin

Question 1:
What are your general reactions to the way the physician used MI to shape these brief conversations with his “patient?” What, if anything, would you have done differently? Why?

The physician practiced good MI strategies while patient described her condition, struggles and ambivalence to quitting smoking. Unfortunately it took until getting a serious medical condition to have her consider quitting. Patient at first was very pessimistic and in fear that she wouldn’t be able to quit smoking. Physician reflected back using complex reflection, and open ending questions to have patient see the pros and cons with of her addiction and giving it up. Physician did great job with MI techniques to have client process her commitment to change.

Question 2:
What are your thoughts on how the physician used MI to help this woman resolve her ambivalence about quitting, develop discrepancy, and increase her confidence about quitting? Which MI strategies were used to help her resolve ambivalence, develop discrepancy and increase confidence? Be specific.

Physician was able to use active listening, open-ending questions and complex reflection to have patient be proactive in her commitment to change. They discussed how her journaling has helped with her decreasing her smoking, as well as making changes to her life socially and environmentally has impacted her desire to continue to stop smoking. As she made progress her commitment was affirmed and the physician was able to provide positive feedback and reflect back with her. This boosted her confidence and gave her continued motivation.

Question 3:
Evaluate the physician’s efforts to adapt MI to a series of brief interventions in a primary care setting, focusing specifically on his use of Asking, Listening and Informing? Be specific. What are your thoughts on the “patient’s” reactions to his use of MI? Be specific.

The physician starts with asking questions, listening and then reflecting back to patient what he is hearing that the client wants and needs. He processes with the client her need and desire to quit smoking. They discuss ways she can make changes that will assist her with her commitment. The physician merely discusses back with the client on her objectives and this seems to have her gain confidence in herself. I do think the focus on medication was to involved and could become confusing for the client, as they went through the options fairly quickly.

Question 4:

Take a moment to reflect on the course material over the past four weeks and the new insights you have gained about Motivational Interviewing and the specific MI skills you have developed. How do you envision bringing this new insight and these skills into your work with people who are considering changing health or health-risk behaviors?

I think that the course was very interesting and informative. In my client population I’m not sure how these strategies will come into play. My clients lack focus and motivation with commitment to change and their ambivalence. I do utilize and implement some of MI techniques such as reflective listening and open-ending questions. Watching the videos gave a better insight for me into MI and how it impacts the treatment.