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Kelly Jeremie

I like watching the videos i liked he was very interested in her telling her story as well as letting her know that there were benefits to smoking however still gave her conversation back and mimicking her language. i like how he acknowledged her accomplishments as well and used that she did a great job.
Question 2. What are your thoughts on how the physician used MI to help this woman resolve her ambivalence about quitting, develop discrepancy, and increase her confidence about quitting? Which MI strategies were used to help her resolve ambivalence, develop discrepancy and increase confidence? Be specific.
Having goals in quitting is key i like the part that reducing the number of cigarettes per day and writing a journal to help keep track of thoughts, amounts, and situations, also checking in with accountability.
Question 3
Evaluate the physician’s efforts to adapt MI to a series of brief interventions in a primary care setting, focusing specifically on his use of Asking, Listening and Informing? Be specific. What are your thoughts on the “patient’s” reactions to his use of MI? Be specific.
the physician asked open ended questions , reflections and listened i like the past where the client felt they got stuck in the conversation and making another goal to quit.
Question 4
Take a moment to reflect on the course material over the past four weeks and the new insights you have gained about Motivational Interviewing and the specific MI skills you have developed. How do you envision bringing this new insight and these skills into your work with people who are considering changing health or health-risk behaviors?
I like the idea that Clients are involved in the change and focus on the goal. Clients may be more a a part and active in change if they are asked the open ended questions and help with collaboration when the client gets involved and engages it is less of a struggle and they feel a part of accomplishment