Reply To: Homework Week 1 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Amy Mihill

I enjoyed the mindful writing exercise. I have heard about the importance and benefits of mindful or free writing and oftentimes thought I should try it, but never did until this homework assignment. I was surprised by how quickly the time I set aside to write went by. I never really had considered the ways, skills or abilities I had used to get through my difficult experience. Instead, I just thought about how bad that particular time in my life was. I appreciated this exercise as I will be more likely to have discussions with clients about their own resiliency. The story about the daffodils was pretty powerful for me. It is not my job to “fix” or solve every problem a client experiences. Instead, my role is to make the path easier for them by helping to clear out the obstacles in the way of their being and doing whatever it is they are meant to be and do. I think this shift in my perspective takes pressure off of me too. I just recently spent time in the hospital after surgery. A nurse, I am sure very well intended and nice, reminded me of myself. She came into the room full of positivity and directing me to do a number of things I didn’t want to do. She told me that on this particular day of my recovery I needed to 1. Get up 2. Start taking pill form pain medication and 3. Go for a walk. I appreciated her positive attitude, but I knew intuitively, that what I needed to do for the day was too nap. I needed rest. I wondered, didn’t she know that I wanted to do all the things she was telling me to do? I just needed some time and to figure out the best way for me to get there. After dealing with the nurse and my own experiences, I was able to see how my approach to the clients that I work with could also be off-putting, some great ideas but the timing could be wrong. I considered how I might tone it down and ask them for ideas about how they thought the best way for them to reach their personal goals might look like.