Reply To: Homework Week 1 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Robert Hussey

I struggle whenever free writing is suggested. It is too open-ended for me and I have the need to revise and analyze as I write, which defeats the purpose a bit. I prefer prompts or something such as guided imagery to provide a base and help guide my thoughts. However, free writing is also a sounding board for me if I don’t have someone else to talk to about regarding my thoughts and emotions. It is a way to release the thoughts and emotions and look at them in a different way on paper instead of keeping the thoughts and emotions swirling in my head. It is similar to making a pros and cons list. Almost always my perception of self is negative and pessimistic rather than positive and optimistic. It takes a lot of effort to change the wording to represent more strengths and opportunities. It is difficult recognizing one’s strengths and resiliency. It is helpful when someone else can point out your strengths. It feels empowering if one can recognize these strengths within themselves.