Reply To: Homework Week 2 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)


1. I realize in answering the questions that I was more focused on the positive outcome than on the negative barriers which tends to lend itself to forward motion in a plan. Due to the stress of my everyday work I can see that being focused on positive and strengths certainly would be more motivating than identifying all the reasons the goal cannot be achieved.
2. I was able to recognize in answering these questions that I have more strengths in these coping skills than I thought I did. I also recognize I am on who easily is caught up in the negative which can certainly bog me down and make me feel defeated, even when the picture isn’t as bleak as I think it is. Reframing would be a good skill for me to practice on the daily basis to try to shift the internal narrative.
3. I can see from working through this lesson that shifting our initial assessment to a more strengths focused one would help us to elicit more strengths on the front end versus being shown clearly the weakness/illness in full view. It also allows the opportunity for us to be focused more on the autonomy of the client to pave their own path versus us as clinicians feeling the need to caretake/protect the clients from their “illness”. I think it’s common in SUD work to be ultra focused on all the harm the use has caused and there’s a great deal of traction we could gain from focusing more on the resiliency and how that can foster the actualization fo hopes and dreams.