Reply To: Homework Week 3 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Amy Mihill

1) I appreciate the straight forward way the Recovery Wellness plan is set up to help someone easily consider different life areas, identify their most important goals, look at barriers and strengths, and to identify action steps and supports/community resources. I know that I oftentimes make personal goals, but don’t take the time to identify the different topic areas and then wonder why I am not able to reach my goal. If I don’t consider the different topics within setting a goal like barriers, strength and action steps, my goals become more like wishful thinking. I also like that someone is invited to consider community resources. It makes sense. If a person was able to address a goal on their own, they probably would have. I think that the fellowship of 12 steps programs is wonderful. Rather than a person relying on their own understanding to address a goal area, they have the support of the group that can offer approaches, suggestions and understanding from people who share similar problems and have “found their way out.”

2) I am smoking and from today’s homework, I thought about the physical cravings of tobacco. The next time I quit, I will use nicotine replacements patches to help minimize the physical cravings, as the physical cravings are a barrier to my stopping smoking.

3) I think that helping to break goal areas into smaller and more manageable steps would be key. Changing different life areas can be overwhelming so if the client can complete an action step it would enhance their self esteem and also show forward progress. I think that too often people (myself) have an all or nothing attitude toward changing a behavior which is unrealistic.