Reply To: Homework Week 1 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Stacy Ladakakos

The mindful free writing exercise is a nice reminder to “Practice what you preach”. It is a resource that I have used frequently in the past. It is a means to get out a great deal of thoughts and to channel them onto paper in a meaningful way. It can be a challenge to not get caught up in the readability and grammar of the content. When this occurs I use this as insight into how the desire of perfectionism may apply to the current situation. It can be a powerful tool as most often there is some revelation in the content that has been written down. For this current exercise the revelation was the awareness of how beneficial free writing has been over the years and the awareness that I infrequently do so despite its usefulness. This led to an internal review of the number of activities that I have let slip or have become a burden due to the busy fast paced schedule that appears mandatory at this time. This prompted making time for some of those activities. Journaling and free writing has been a healing process for many of life obstacles. In past instances there are those moments that you surprise yourself in the content of what is written when doing so freely.

A powerful use of writing is the ability to look back at challenges and difficult times with awareness and knowing of the resilience in the healing process.

The exercise brought up the awareness and reoccurring theme or pattern of letting self care go ahead of other tasks. Noting that largely time for both is present but the lure of mindless activities can often override mindful exercises in this case free writing.