Reply To: Homework Week 2 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Stacy Ladakakos

Home and daily living:
Tell me about your current living situation.
Currently I live in Saco as a first time home owner. The home is in a beautiful area but a bit of a fixer upper.

What do you like about your current living situation? I love the area a great deal and I like that a large number of the items to be fixed are DIY friendly. I can easily envision the home becoming my dream home.

What would you say makes this living situation a home for you? The need for repairs brought down the price of the home. With each repair the overall state of the house approaches dream home status. It is manageable and obtainable.

What are the most important daily living activities that you engage in that contribute to your home life? Learning to trust in myself to complete tasks and skills not previously used. Having common sense and knowing those that need to be completed by a professional. Having rented homes previously and having to move due to circumstances out of my control is what drew me to home ownership. Putting in hard work and a sense of security over the longevity of my living environment.